You Have Decided to Buy a Home, I Can Help You Every Step of The Way. 

Do you wish buying a home was one of the most amazing positive experiences you ever had? Do you want to feel in control? Do you want to feel that you have all of the information? Can you actually have all this? Yes, by working with me as your buyer's agent.

When working with buyers I apply one simple truth - you are the customer and the reason I am in business. You deserve an informed approach with No Pressure

All agents are not the same. Real Estate Companies and salespeople offer buyer programs suited to their way of doing things. My program is simple, I do all the work, sort through the information and You make the decision that works best for you. My job is to make this process simple and straightforward.

I have been a top-selling Licensed Realtor in the Fraser Valley since 2006. I have worked with countless Buyers throughout the years. As your buyer's agent, I will go above and beyond to make sure your next home purchase is a wise investment.

How I will make your home purchase a success:

  • I will keep you up to date on the market. I will create a personalized custom listing search, based on your preferred likes and wants in a home. Every day this will sift through the listings of available homes to find new listings, changes to existing listings and any hidden bargains before anyone else finds them. Each day, I’ll forward you information about the homes on the market that meet your personal desires. Outside the confines of, I am able to check for the sale by owners, expired listings, and use my own personal agent network to give you access to a potential perfect home which may not have been listed on a public site.
  • I’ll help you find the right home, in the neighborhood of your choice.  
  • I’ll make the process simple and stress-free. I will coordinate all the inspections, appraisals, title services and obtain any strata documents so you can feel confident while focusing on other important tasks during your move. 
  • I’ll help you get to know the area. I will help you feel right at home in your neighborhood by giving you a tour of the area including schools, parks and other amenities.
  • I’ll get you a great deal on your purchase. I will evaluate the value of your chosen home and comparable homes in the very same way that an appraiser does, so you get the most home for your dollar. Then, I will negotiate you a great price on the home you’ve chosen. 
  • I’ll Manage the details. I will be there from start to finish, ensuring everything goes smoothly without any surprises. 
  • I will save you money. I will find out if you are eligible for government homeownership incentive programs such as the first time home buyer’s property transfer tax exemption or the first time home buyer’s RRSP withdrawal program.


Q. Will it cost me money to work with a buyers agent?

  • A. It will not cost penny out of pocket. The seller of your new home pays all real-estate commissions; this means they pay for you to have MY expert advice.  Having someone look out for your interests SAVES money.

 How does the home purchase process start?

  • A. However, you want.  I will work with you on the level you are comfortable with. Some buyers want to jump right in and start looking at homes; so we meet for the first time at a viewing. Other’s like to start by meeting up and talking about the process; so we meet up and have a cup of coffee and talk about what they are looking for in a home. 

If you have any questions are would like to get started, feel free to fill out the form below. Or call me on my cell anytime at 604-376-3350 - I am always available to answer all of your questions.