Important items to consider when purchasing your new home:

Is the general price range affordable? Are most of the homes in the same general price range? The resale value of a relatively expensive home tends to be pulled down if surrounded by lower priced homes and vice versa. What are the yearly taxes?

Is there convenient transportation to work? What is the distance to the nearest freeway or expressway? Is there public transportation available nearby? Bus? Skytrain? How many homes in the neighbourhood are rented rather than owner occupied? Are the streets busy or quiet?

Is there shopping convenient to your home? A major shopping center? Central business district? Neighborhood stores? What is the distance to the nearest major hospital? What is the distance to clinics, medical, and dental centers? Are there sports and recreational facilities nearby?

Is there natural gas connected to the home? Are the power lines underground or exposed? Is there municipal water or wells? Is there a public sewer system or septic?

What management style is being used? What are the rules regarding the allowable number of occupants, noise, pets, amenities, parking, etc, and how are these upheld? Can I alter my unit’s appearance? If I want to change something, what procedure do I have to follow to get permission?