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Liz Penner, the realtor you can get hold of.

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Blog by Liz Penner | February 24th, 2021

Ever been caught dealing with a realtor, or other professional, that you can’t get hold of?


Salespeople have been found to be second only to the internet when it comes to getting information regarding your next home purchase or sale (Agnihotri, et al., 2009). Yet lack of communication is one of the most common complaints made about a realtor (Horton, Margret, 2017).

When hiring an agent, you need somebody you can get hold of when needed. There will be many times throughout your home purchase and sale when you will want your agent to be easy to reach and on the job. Here are a few examples:

When your home first hits the market:

When listing your home for sale, you will want to know what ads will be placed, when they will be placed, and what the ads will say. Before listing a home I let my clients know what ads will be placed and a timeline for publication. Once the home is listed, I send proofs before they are published, and I invite you to provide feedback and suggestions for changes. If changes are made, then I send you new proofs for approval before posting the ads.

Before and after your home is viewed:

There’s nothing worse than getting ready for a showing, only to be surprised by an unexpected change such as, buyers that turn up early, or not at all. I don’t leave my clients in the dark, wondering if the buyers showed up. I keep in touch and notify you of any changes to showings and appointments. After the showing I provide you with they buyers feedback, so you are in the loop every step of the way. No more wondering if an offer is on its way.

When an offer comes in:

“Sales negotiation is often rapid, in the moment, and conducted via multiple communication channels” (Blount, J, 2020). Your home is your single largest investment and you need somebody who is readily available throughout negotiations, and who is available on all forms of communication. When an offer comes in on one of my listings, or when a buyer chooses to write an offer, I drop everything and make negotiations my top priority. There are no “days off” in contract negotiations and it’s never too late or too early for me to negotiate the sale or purchase of your home.

After the deal goes firm:

The process isn’t over the second your home is sold firm. There are many details still to be managed and I will be there every step of the way.

Whether it be listing a home, or purchasing one, you need an agent that you can reach at every step in the process. If you are looking for an agent you who available when you need them to be, then call me at 604-376-3350 or go to LizPenner.com.


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