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Property tax information

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Blog by Liz Penner | October 15th, 2015

Did you know that the taxes listed on the MLS are gross taxes. If you are eligable for a Home Owner Grant then you will not pay that full amount listed on the MLS.

Read Below to see if you qualify for a home owners grant

Home Owner Grant for People Under 65

The home owner grant reduces the amount of property taxes you pay each year on your principal residence. By applying for the grant your property taxes can be reduced up to $570 or, if your property is located in a northern and rural area, up to $770.

You may qualify for a higher grant amount if you are:

The grant is applied to the amount of property taxes over $350. For example, if your annual property tax is $800, you could reduce your taxes by $450, so you would pay only $350. Having a minimum tax amount ensures all homeowners contribute towards the funding of services such as road maintenance and police protection

Do I Qualify?

To qualify for the grant you must:

and the property or manufactured home must:

You may qualify for a reduced grant amount if your property value is more than $1,100,000. The grant amount is reduced by $5 for every $1,000 your property value is over $1,100,000. If your property value is $1,214,000 ($1,254,000 in a northern and rural area) or more the grant amount will be reduced to $0.


To receive the grant you, or an authorized person, need to apply each year. If an eligible occupant or owner in your residence qualifies as a:

then they must apply for the grant. They can’t claim the additional grant amount if you apply because only one grant can be claimed for an eligible residence.

Note: if you are a lessee responsible for all utilities and maintenance associated with your leased portion of the property and share in common costs including property taxes you must apply using the multiple home owner grant application.

A home owner grant application is included on your property tax notice. If you didn't receive or can't find your application, contact the municipal office that collects your property taxes or, if you’re a rural property owner, the provincial office that collects your property taxes or a Service BC Centre. You can also use the Home Owner Grant Application (FIN 78) (PDF).

If you're going to be away when tax notices are mailed and your home isn't rented or for sale, you can apply early with the Home Owner Grant Application (FIN 78) (PDF). Your application will be processed after tax notices are mailed.

You can apply for the grant until December 31 of the tax year, though we suggest you apply before your property taxes are due. You don’t need to make a payment to apply for the grant. If you don’t pay your property taxes including any unclaimed grant amount in full, you will be charged late payment penalties on your unpaid balance.

On the date you apply, you must meet the qualifications. To complete your application:

  1. Check the option for 'Basic Grant' or 'Regular Grant'
  2. Provide your full name
  3. Provide the address of your principal residence
  4. Provide your phone number
  5. Sign the application
  6. Provide the date the application was signed

Your home owner grant application must be sent to the municipal or provincial office that sent your property tax notice. Your options may vary based on the location of your property. In general you can submit your application using one of the following options:

If your home owner grant application isn’t approved, contact the office that sent your property tax notice. They can answer your questions and provide further explanation to address your concerns.